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New studio album available to download/stream/CD version

One in Four

The new studio album "One in Four" is available to download/stream from:
Spotify; iTunes; Amazon Music; Deezer; Tidal; Apple Music; Bandcamp & other online streaming services.

Exclusive CD Versions of the album are only available via Bandcamp. Click the button to learn more and oreder your copy!


Rob Tunbridge & Guitar

Music is a Passion

I grew up to the sound of music playing throughout the house. Apparently, I could whistle before I could talk and from a very early age I wanted to join the church choir and be a singer.
I taught myself to play the guitar and learnt the basics from a "Bert Weedon" play in a day songbook. Well, it took me more than a day and there are still new things to learn, even after more than 40 years of playing. I can also play keyboards and a variety of other instruments.

Rob Tunbridge caught chatting about his thoughts when songwriting.

Music is unique to everybody

My songwriting draws on all of the music I have loved  and has a definite 70's rock leaning, mixed with an 80's synth based sound. 

I was once described, by a music critic as "Status Quo meets Depeche Mode with a large dollop of Erasure and Slade thrown in for good measure." I thought this was a pretty good description of what I write.

I hope that others enjoy the songs that I write and that they can see reflections of their own life and experiences in them. As a musician and songwriter I am always looking to improve the music and songs that I create.

Rob Tunbridge does like his cup of tea.

Inspired By Everything

I find inspiration all around me.  My music is representative of myself, my family and the world around me. I write the kind of songs that I like to listen to and I hope that others like to listen to them also.

My main instruments are a Fender Telecaster guitar, Tanglewood resin backed elctro-acoustic guitar, Ibanez Acoustic Guitar, Yamaha Bass Guitar and a range of soft synths and other computer based instruments.


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Rob Tunbridge

Chelmsford, Chelmsford, Essex, England, United Kingdom