Instruments, software & hardware

Guitars & Effects

Fender Telecaster Guitar

Homemade Telecaster style guitar

Homemade Stratocaster Style Guitar

Ibanez 6 string Electro-Acoustic Guitar

Tanglewood Odessy 6 string
Electro-Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha Bass Guitar

Boss ME25 Multi-Effect Pedal

Guitar Rig 5

Computer Software


Cubase 10 Pro

Harrison Mixbus 32C

Ozone 8

Wavelab 9.5


Kontakt 5



Reaktor 6

Absynth 5

Battery 4

Halion 6

Groove Agent 4

PC Hardware

Rob uses a PC that he built himself. The information given here is not an endorsement of any particular hardware brand. However, the main components are:

Gigabyte GA-AX370-Gaming 7 Motherboard

AMD Ryzen 7 1800X CPU (8 core 16 thread)

32Gb Vengeance RAM 2400MHz.

NVidia Ge-Force 1080Ti silent GPU

1 x 1Tb NVme Drive

1 x 500Gb NVme drive

2 x 500Gb SSD's

1 x Pioneer Blu-Ray recorder

Steinberg UR-RT4 Audio Interface

The PC is water-cooled. 

The CPU is cooled by a XSPC Raystorm AM4 Water-block.

1 x 27" Dell Monitor

1 x 32" Samsung Monitor

Logitech Touchpad

Cubase Logic Keyboard