Did you know that there is a lot of music being created everyday?
Sadly, not everyone can garner the attention that their creativity deserves.
In this section, we will post links to some of those struggling musicians, whose work has caught our attention. We would encourage you to take the time and really listen to the music that they are creating as, in most cases, it is absolutely fantastic.

Onno Kestens

 Onno, is a musician and guitarist from Utrecht in the Netherlands.
His debut album: Lay Of The Land contains 9 tracks of pure enjoyment and real talent.
You can find out more about the album on bandcamp  by following this link https://halvard.bandcamp.com/releases
Onno also has a youtube channel dedicated to guitar tuition, that you can find here: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBug1x2dopCyIbZ5aIb2CeQ/featured
Take a few minutes out of your hectic lifestyle to check out his work, you won't be disappointed.

Poems Everybody

Another stunning band that you really need to check out.
This is a fledgling band, in the very early stages of creating new songs and material. Check out their work on drooble, you won't be disappointed!

Zurab Kostava

When I first heard Zurab's music, I was completely blown away. This guy is a creative genius, working on a shoestring and creating some outstanding compositions.
Just listen to one of his tracks and his musical talent will take you on a journey to another place!
I love Zurab's work so much that I am hoping to collaborate with him on some music in the future.


You really need to listen to the wonderful music that Flex Jammer creates. You can listen to his work on many websites but here are some links to save you time searching.